Magic Beans

It’s a long story and an interesting story… you might just want to drink your coffee? But how about reading some history whilst you drink your coffee? I certainly think that you’ll enjoy the drink more when you know about its long and complex history… it even explains why there are the different varieties that you get today.

You almost certainly have a jar coffee in your kitchen. Everybody you know almost certainly has a jar of coffee in his or her kitchen. Even people who don’t like coffee have coffee. It would seem very odd if you called at someone’s house and they offered you a drink, but coffee was not one of the options. Not only do you have a jar of coffee, you will probably have coffee paraphernalia: a cafetiere, say, or an Aeropress® Coffee Maker, maybe a grinder. Certainly you will have some coffee cups.

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The Sri Lankan Coffee Story

When “Ceylon coffee” – briefly – ruled the world *

Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is these days most well known for its teas, and rightly so: the country’s climate and geography are ideal for producing some of the finest teas in the world. It is the world’s leading tea exporter and around a million of its citizens work in the industry. Less well known, however, is that until the mid-19th century the country was far more famous for its coffee. Indeed, “Ceylon coffee” was regarded as being superior to Java, and was served in some of the finest establishments in Europe and America.

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A Mug’s Game

This is just a fun story… something to read while you take your coffee break… don’t take it too seriously!

Most of us drink, in the west, drink coffee. In the US for instance, more than 80 per cent of adults consume it every day or most days. The figure is somewhat lower in the UK due to our traditional love of tea, but even here more than half of us drink coffee, even if not every day. And with the flood of high street coffee chains over the past couple of decades, combined with increasingly long working hours that often seem to call for a shot of caffeine in the mornings and then again throughout the day, that figure is only increasing.

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Coffee houses – hubs of business and pleasure through the ages

For many hundreds of years, coffee houses have been hubs of social interaction. There is something about the rich aromas, the clinking of cups, the warming feel of the beverage and the mind-sharpening effects of caffeine which encourages lively discourse, serious or otherwise. It is no coincidence that some of the world’s great financial institutions – including Lloyds of London and the New York Stock Exchange – sprang forth from coffee houses. Indeed, Lloyds actually was a coffee house at one stage.

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just my musings….inverted coffee!